about us

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We are a small group of creatives from Brooklyn, Madrid and Berlin focusing on graphic design, media content creation & marketing.


We work with small to medium companies to help them reach out and bring their clients even closer by creating media content that helps to build up communities around their brand and products

Our group shares a curiosity & passion about life. With an appetite for knowledge and discovery we have found each other after working in a variety of fields including industrial & graphic design, e-commerce, creative writing, video edition, film productions and engineering.  

These experiences have allowed us to learn many skills that now have become essential to each project we embark in. Creative living is the path we chose for our lives. Integrity, proactivity, discipline, hard work and healthy living are usually the main characteristics we have found that are needed to make anything happen, to do a good work and to enjoy the process. These are characteristics we try to live by. 
We are excited about new projects so please go ahead and feel free to contact us.

See you soon.

- Hamanut Design Team